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Take a Look: Adidas and Wales Bonner Spring/Summer 2024 Collectie

Take a Look: Adidas and Wales Bonner Spring/Summer 2024 Collectie - FreeSoulz

The collaboration between Wales Bonner and adidas continues to amaze us with their latest collection for spring/summer 2024. This time they have been inspired by the impressive achievements of East African runners. The collection includes six new sneakers and various clothing items that pay tribute to these athletes, with a special focus on their resilience, endurance and dedication.


The collaboration between Adidas and Wales Bonner has become extremely popular in a very short time. In particular by the Adidas Samba Leopard and the Adidas Samba Metallic Silver:

These shoes mainly did well on social media. Think of TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest. Now, in May 2024, Adidas and Wales Bonner will once again come up with a new collaboration and here too the two parties have not held back...

The two models that have attracted the most attention online are the Samba Wales Bonner 'Wonder Clay' and the Samba Wales Bonner 'Desert White'


In addition to these two Sambas, the Samba Millennium is also available in two different colors. This model was originally introduced in 2009 and now returns May 2024!


Finally, adidas and Wales Bonner bring a retro silhouette back to life, adidas Originals x Wales Bonner SL 72! Born on the podium of the Munich Olympics in 1972, this legendary shoe will be released again in blue and yellow with suede overlays.

All in all, this year's collaboration between Adidas and Wales Bonner is once again not disappointing and includes no less than 6 new colors! This year too, a large part of this collection will be sold out in a short time, due to the enormous attention that has been drawn to this collaboration. Would you like to add one of these unique shoes to your collection? 

Shop your new Wales Bonner x Adidas Sambas on !

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